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"Bo Anderson is Great"
Michael Greene, President NARAS

"People's Choice, 'One Thin Dime', Fabulous"
Greg Guzman NPR "Blues Plate Special"

Barbara Anderson

The soothing sounds and good looks of Barbara Anderson will be on display when she brings her provocative music and talented band to the Cayuga Vault. The singer/songwriter's lyrics say what we have all experienced at one time or another: "I would never profess to understand the opposite sex...All I know is the way I feel--you touch me and my heart begins to reel." Her lyrics, like her music, beautifully capture human emotions, and her musical styles can be described as a simple fluctuation between blues and jazz. If you're planning to attend this musical show, don't expect new musical ground to be uncovered. Anderson doesn't stray far from the conventional blues and jazz sounds that most of us our accustomed to, yet she laces the effective music of her supporting cast with a grace and style that is a pleasure to witness.
Dave Hutchins
Santa Cruz High Times News & Entertainment Weekly


"This is significant music with great lyrics, I have faith in my ears and Barbara Anderson is on to something. I hear something that catches my ear and imagination"
Scott Mathews, Producer


"Outstanding Performer! A must for our annual event."
San Francisco Art Institute

"Barbara Anderson's CD for the homeless contains beautiful sensitive songs and melodies.
Thank you for doing your music."
Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary)

Anderson's way with a lyric and a vocal is so dang persuasive that you want
to get to know her, the Billie Holiday standard "Summertime" (George Gershwin), went
down so smooth that Anderson could have laid out her audience with just one
last whisper of vocal puff.
Pacifica Tribune

"Barbara Anderson's music contains thought provoking lyrics this stuff is good. Beautiful songs"
Jeff Cook Capricorn Records


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